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Spend the night on an uninhabited island in tents or under the stars! The northern islands of the Unden gives you the opportunity. Here you can find a beautiful spot for a picnic and swim. You will be surprised and enjoy the clarity of the mountain lake! Perhaps you will find a Beaver-colony

You will need to gather your own firewood for the evening campfire, but don't forget your fishing rod, or you'll need to go to sleep on an empty stomach!

Day 1 Start at noon (best eat lunch first!) from the camping pier, in rowboat or Canadian canoe.

Day 2 Back around noon again. Please do not forget to report your return to the reception.

This trip is one day package. We recommend that the minimum number of participants is two persons, of whom at least 1 adult. Everyone can participate, it requires only a little rowing fitness.

Included: - Rental of Canadian canoe or rowboat (2 pers.)
- Map of lake Unden and directions.
- Rental of tents (2 pers.)
- Basic meals and equipment for grilling.
Bring your own: - Own sleeping bag, mattress, flashlight.
- Backpack, water bottle, cutlery, plate etc.
- Fishing rod and fishing license Unden.
- Optional compass or GPS.

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Open all days from begin April till end of September
Boek via de reception; +46 584 474083 or
We reserve the right to cancel your reservation due to unsuitable wheather

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