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Legends and Trolls

The National Park Tiveden is very interesting, because of its ancient forest and the immense rock formations, shaped through the influences of the Ice Ages. Provoked by this area many legends arose about alleged inhabitants, hence the name "Trolltiven.

This area is also known from the lake Fagertärn, where the original red lily was discovered over 150 years ago.

Wolves have their own living environment in the reserve Vargavidderna. Simple walks lead you through marshland to observation points Juarbergen, Utnäset, Harge Uddar and many other small nature reserves offers great walks.

Tivedstorp is an old Finnish village with typical buildings. In the daytime in the summer the “kaffestugan” is open. On another road you will find the Bakstugan, which provides delicious bread, baked in a wood-burning stone oven.

The small village of Sannerud has a shop, called Tiveds Lanthandel. Behind the schoolhouse starts the Art-in-a-CircleTour, a walk with a changing exhibition of local art.

Laxå has more shops and some restaurants, a bowling alley and a train station. The charming village of Askersund, located at the northern point of the famous lake Vättern, is often visited because of its colourful wooden houses, its ports and many small shops. You can make cruises in their “Skärgården” with the ship MS Wettervik, also to the Stärnsunds castle

Olshammer is known for the Birgitta church and the home of  Werner von Heidenstam, the current Olshammersgården.


Karlsborg lies at the opening of the Göta Channel and has a huge military fortress, which in times of war can serve as reserve capital. Several ships provides cruises on the channel up to the lake Vänern. Along the canal are lovely biking trails. Halfway you will find Norrkvarn with a miniature of the “Göta Canal” on display.


The city of Örebro is originally an old town with wooden buildings. They have been removed, when the centre of the town was renovated, and placed together in the area Wadköping. In the city centre around the castle of Örebro are still some old quarters to find with cosy corners for a coffee break or lunch. You can try the daily special, “Dagens rätt” , which is an inexpensive full hot meal, served from about 11:00 to 14:00 hours. The gigantic shopping mall Marieberg with IKEA, H.M. and many others lies southwest of the city.

Furthermore is Hallsberg known for her children's discover museum and as the hub for rail traffic.

Alfred Nobel

Karlskoga is the birthplace of Alfred Nobel, where a visit is possible at his home and a museum. Boda Borg is an activity centre with exciting experiences under their roof.

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