Welcome to Camping Tiveden !

National Park Tiveden

Camping Tiveden is very close to the National Park Tiveden; an ancient forestarea, untouched by mankind. It is marked by large rocks and giant boulders left by the retreating ice of the last ice age. This also carved out many caves and springs. A unique and valuable nature by the often centennial trees and thick moss coverings.

There are many well-marked climbing and walking routes both in the park and directly from the campsite.

Lake Unden

The campground itself is directly on the shores of one of the clearest and cleanest lakes of Sweden; the lake Unden. This large lake is a rare experience! Swimming, fishing, or discovering the uninhabited islands with (sailing)boat or canoe. Or merely enjoying its sunsets from the camping's pier.

We want to invite you warmly to read more about our nice family-campingground in the next pages of our website.